Mobile App vs Mobile Website

Deciding whether or not your store needs a mobile app really depends on your objectives.

Do you need to give customers directions to your store? Help them find a particular item, check prices, or see if an item is in stock? Let them know about store sales? If so, it may be that a mobile website – your store site, optimized for viewing on mobile devices – is all you really need for now.

Do you want to send customers special offers on their mobile phones? Take advantage of location-based marketing? Introduce customers to rewards programs and a loyalty program?  Do you want to interact with your customers in the latest most up to date channels available?  Do you need to stay ahead of your competition?

But if (in addition to doing all of the above) your objective is to actively engage customers once they’re already in your store and/or make sure you are driving sales and repeat visits, as well as building a loyal customer base, then it’s probably time to consider a mobile solution from  Mass Mobile Apps.

Mobile Marketing vs. Mobile Shopping Solutions

Smart phones account for 50% of mobile phones sold in the U.S. today, and 80% of smart phone owners say they almost always have their phone with them while shopping, according to Compuware.

Given how quickly the mobile market is growing, it makes sense to have a strong mobile marketing strategy in place for engaging customers on their phones. But mobile shopping is about much more than just being able to extend a deal. It’s about enhancing your customers interaction with your brand, and making their visits more enjoyable, and more frequent!